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The Tiny House Movement

Are the days of the” McMansions” and the prestige of owning the biggest house on the block over?What about overextended family finances and conspicuous consumption… are they too becoming a thing of the past?Enter the Tiny House movement…With international attention on CNN, Guardian, Huffington Post, NBC, Oprah and PBS, the Tiny Home movement may be more than just a trend.

What is a Tiny House?
Ranging in size from an efficient 160 square feet to a spacious 500 squarefeet, Tiny Houses, or Small Houses, are really more of a social movement, where people are downsizing the space that they live in. The goal of living in one, advocates claim, is a simpler life. To be out of debt, living within your means, and enjoying your job.
People are joining this movement for many reasons, for some it is a reality of the recent housing recession, financial and even environmental concerns… but for many, to just find more time and freedom.Regardless, it is a growing movement.
Most Americans, with an aver…

Foreclosure Filings On The Rise

Could this be true and here I am with two REO Listings? Foreclosure filings are on the rise!  How will this affect your homes value?  A  new housing report shows that a stream of new homes entered foreclosure in August as a backlog of delayed bank repossessions trickled into the desert market.

There were 240 foreclosure filings across the Coachella Valley in August, up 10.6% from July, according to RealtyTrac, a real estate information services firm based in Irvine. Foreclosure activity increased 27% from last August.

California foreclosures follow three steps: notices of default, scheduled public auctions and finally bank repossessions, if the owner fails to pay what is owed during default. These are called REO, or real estate owned, sales."

Just because a home is in the foreclosure process does not mean that it will be on the market as a foreclosed home. The banks are working with homeowners for loan modifications and short sales. Only a small percentage of homes are actually fore…