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NFT's and Real Estate!

NFTs and Real Estate! Today I want to discuss a topic I have seen buzzing through the headlines for the past year, but hasn't exactly been explained in a way that I have been able to really understand or realize the importance of. That's right! We're going to talk about NFTs in Real Estate, how they relate to the industry now, in the future, and what exactly the technology is thats supposedly going to replace my job! I just read an article about a virtual property, that is a digital 3D image of a home has just sold for over four million dollars in the Sandbox metaverse. That's right, you cannot live in the home, it doesn't have a pool, or a backyard, or any bathrooms! Not ones that you can use anyway, and it sold for well over what most people make in a year, if not several years of earned income and savings. Now, that definitely made me a little bit curious about what's going on with NFTs and how they might play into the real estate market, today and in the fut
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How to Buy a Home like an Investor!

The purchase of a home is for most people the largest investment they will make in their lifetime! Your home is both an investment and a place to live.  For the past decade I have worked with a lot of investors and the same principals that make my investors rich, apply to any real estate purchase. Here are some real estate buying tips I learned from the investors I've worked with! First off, it is all about the numbers!  Make sure the numbers work up front, define and estimate  if there is money to be made and upside in the resale due to market, trends, or added value… Basically, if the numbers don't add up from the beginning then don't make the deal. Hoping that the market improves isn't a tactical game plan, you need to back up your predictions with cold hard facts and proven economic growth patterns.  This is where you need the help of a trusted real estate advisor that understands the local market.  Secondly, make your money work for you! We have a very unique situa

2018 ReEvaluating your Real Estate Investment Strategies

2018 Real Estate Investment Strategy Your HOME is your largest asset...   Will 2018 be the year to buy, sell, hold or rent your property? Taking the time now to evaluate your real estate assets, will pay off in the future. What was once a viable asset in your real estate portfolio may have changed due to the movement in home values, rental values and changes in the tax law.    Now is the time to find out if your real estate strategy is still on track....    Good Information makes Good Decisions The first step is to appraise the current market value of each of your assets. This is not necessarily what you paid for it or what you wish you could sell it for, this is the appraised value of the asset. There are a couple of excellent websites that can help you get a ballpark figure, but I recommend contacting a real estate professional who knows your local market to give you an opinion. Key questions they can help you answer include, how is the real estate market in your local a
Is it time to Buy, Sell or HOLD? Buy Low and Sell High!  Those are great words of advice to live by,  but trying to figure out the market to the perfect high and the perfect low would take a crystal ball...  I had a client that said to me once, "Jenell I don't have to sell at the high or buy at the low, I just have to get close."   Many times as consumers we only see the drastic highs and lows of the market in an exaggerated curve of the overall state of the union and or statistics for real estate for the state of California  or even the Coachella Valley as a whole.  But, the nuances of the specific markets vary incredibly.  In any one of these scenarios there will be parts of that market that are up and some that are down or steady.  The micro data can be drastic and still even out the curve to present the market in an up or down curve.  The value of your real estate and weather it is a buyers or a sellers market varies by economic outlook, neighborhood, price a

What's Hot This Summer

Welcome to Summer time, if visions of sandy beaches and cool breezes come to mind then you don’t live in the Coachella Valley.   As you may know it gets a little HOT here in the summer.  The good news is there are plenty of fun summer events to distract you  on those days when it is just inhumane to be outside.  Here are some of my HOT picks for Summer Fun in the Desert!    Palm Springs Restaurant Week    June 2nd -11th This is by far one of my favorite events in the summer… The selection of restaurants is incredible and the menus offered by the participating restaurants is wonderful.  This is not an early Bird Special this is truly these restaurants showing off their best fare!  So, take a few minutes and check out the link many of your favorite restaurants are probably already featured and make your reservations ASAP many of these resultants book up fast. Splash House June 9th -11th, The Fifth Year!   An

Curb Appeal for Dummies

curb-appeal-for-dummies Welcome to "Curb Appeal" for dummies...   Are you thinking of selling your home, then curb appeal is one of your top priorities, but if you are not thinking of selling your home improving curb appeal can actually change your life.   curb-appeal-for-dummies  (for more suggestions click here and check out my Pinterest) They say you can't judge a book by its cover but I can tell you that you for SURE can judge a home by it's "Curb Appeal'.  Since so many of us actually enter our homes on a daily basis through the garage the front of your home might have been over site for it's resident.   So, park on the street tomorrow and come into your home as a guest.  Try to see everything with fresh eyes.   The three DUMMY basics are:  is it clean,  is it tidy and is it well presented . You don't have to spend a lot of money, but Dead Plants are Out (they only work during October where you can try to pawn them off as scary Halloween

What do you do with Grandma? How about a Granny Pod

The GrannyPod Assembled and set up in your back yard! What do you do with Grandma?  You could put her in your back yard in a Granny Pod?  If you are a child of a Boomer these thoughts of "What to do with Grandma?" are now lerking in the back of your mind and for some of us...   It's flat out in your face!  Granny Pods are just one solution that touts a new lifestyle "Multi Generational Living".  Hmm... is this a new thing or just an Old Thing that we are bringing back- because it works" Assisted Living is expensive and most insurances now have a cap on how much long term care they will allow...  Our parents are living longer and longer.   Many of our parents were actually counting on Social Security.... NOT to mention when the real estate market crashed many of our partners lost a hunk of what was supposed to be their retirement nest egg.  Hence, the Granny Pod, these are self contained units designed with medical, safety and senior needs in mind.  T