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July Real Estate Sales By City In The Valley

Sales across the valley are seeing another adjustment from sales volume last year…  At this point I see us leveling off at these current numbers.  I am however expecting to have a good sales season across the board as buyers realize that “it aint getting much better than this” and sellers realizing that pricing is leveling off with a slow acceleration.   
Assets over 1.5M need to be priced competitively as there is a TON of competition and inventory on the market. New home builders are chomping at the bit and getting back into the game with great pricing and product.  Unfortunately, at the end of last year most of our sellers were overconfident in the market and do to a surge of sales with huge price increases they felt this was the NEW norm. Sellers were overzealous in their pricing in January 2014 and that resulted in a lot of overpriced inventory across the valley that sat through the season.  
Also, seasonal buyers came in and expected to find prices where they were last year and th…

Welcome To My Real Estate Blog

Welcome to my blog…  I have been excited and tentative about starting a blog for over a year now.  The focus of my blog is intended to be real estate and investment principals, “NEW” investment ideas and strategies, enhancing the value of your current asset base, What’s “HOT” and What’s “NOT”,  and keeping a pulse on the REAL ESTATE market.
That being said, if every once in a while I go off on a personal rant please forgive me. In my mind having a blog is like having your own mint “soap box” and I might have the urge to pull out the megaphone and shout. I would also occasionally send accolades and kudos to those that are striving to make a difference in our world and local community.
I look forward to bringing you the kind of information that I have from being in the trenches. I pride myself in my overall research to make sure that I understand my clients future and long term investment goals. I try to have an overview of their investment portfolio so that I can help them develop a stra…