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Jenell Fontes Nominated For “Top Women In Business” Award

Windermere Real Estate Southern California Premier Director and Realtor® Jenell Fontes has been nominated for the “Palm Springs Life Entrepreneur of the Year” award as a part of Palm Springs Life’s “Top Women In Business” awards, taking place Tuesday, May 5th at the Ritz Carlton in Rancho Mirage.

“I am thrilled and honored to be mentioned with a group of such incredible women,” says Jenell of being nominated for this prestigious award. 

“I am especially proud that five of the nominees for the three awards are members of Women Leaders  Forum. That is a true testament to the caliber of the individuals in WLF and our roots within the local business community.” Jenell has been a member of WLF for 16 years, serving on the Board of Directors for her 8th year this year, currently in the role of Vice President. “Being a part of WLF has helped my growth and development in all facets of my life. I want to make sure that I continue to give back to a group that has done, and continues to do, so much for me professionally and personally,” she adds.

Jenell and her team specialize in second home and investment properties, touting the power of seasonal rentals as a means of the property potentially paying for itself. She also works as a designated Premier Luxury Agent, Investment Property Specialist, REO Director, and Short Sale Specialist, offering a vast array of services for her clients throughout the Coachella Valley. Jenell earned the 2014 Trulia Top Agent Award, putting her in the top 1% of all agents on the site based on sales, listings, and reviews. “I couldn’t do it without my wonderful team of professionals, especially fellow Windermere agent and Administrative Assistant Gaby Valencia. Gaby has grown with me from REOs in Desert Hot Springs to multi-million dollar deals,” continues Jenell.

Jenell also credits Windermere Southern California as a contributing factor to the successful growth of her company and rise to becoming one of the top Realtors® in the Coachella Valley. “Being a part of the Windermere team has given me the resources and guidance to help build my business to the success it is today.  They have done so much by giving me the tools I need to successfully perform for my clients and encourage me to strive for greatness daily,” Jenell concludes. “Choosing real estate for a career gives me the ability to be flexible and balance my personal and professional lives. With harmony between the two, I can be better focused for my clients and still be a great mom to my kids.”

“We are proud of Jenell’s nomination,” says Bob Deville, Co-Owner of Windermere Real Estate Southern California. “In a relatively short amount of time, she has made her mark on the Coachella Valley real estate market and continues to improve every day. I wish her luck on Tuesday – she deserves the recognition for her hard work and dedication to providing excellent service to her clients.”

Read this article on the Windermere Southern California Blog here.


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